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A to Z Termination

We have A to Z primum good quality routs for Wholesale and Call center traffice..

DiD Callback

A varity range of callback of 60 country world wide with 2 channels..

Voip Ressller

Our reseller program is simple and you can start earning money right away.

Sign up today and create a reseller account


Pridictive Dialler

Pridictive daialler hosted server availabel at low rates Goauto Dialer ViCi Dialer .

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Welcome to IconnectTel


When we founded Iconnecttel in 2004, our goal was simply to develop a stable, well-rounded group of engineers to provide high-quality IT services to foreign multinationals in all over the world. We've accomplished that, and stayed true to our initial mission, but are now serving worldwide organizations as well.


Target customers that have a computer via an easy-to-use soft phone. With backbone that stretches over many years of the expertise in telecommunication arena, IConnectTels has met all your entire long distance calling needs. IConnectTels your reliable and eminent long distance telecommunication company, which offers you an excellent suite of Softphones, popularly known as Adore Softphone. We present our clients SIP-based communication services for PC to Phone and PC to PC making accessible the whole world at one click.


SIP Softphone comes with an intuitive Graphical User Interface and can be easily customized. It is designed with SIP technology that can be used to make outbound phone calls from PC to any telephone. Since sip softphone uses Microsoft's g723.1 codec, it can be used in all versions of Microsoft Windows without the need of external codecs and gives excellent call quality even in dialup connection.


Softphone Advance, allow a person to communicate over Internet with any desktops, notebooks to any conventional landline and mobile phones. It supports SIP industry standards and VOIP software and hardware.


Target customers that don't have computer access by giving them local access numbers. IConnectTels Calling Card platform is a totally comprehensive solution for providing a vast range of card-based services. A full packet of embedded features and massive scope for expansion make IConnectTels Calling Card platform the indisputable market leader.


Far more than just a powerful and highly flexible phone card system, the IConnectTels Calling Card platform is a carrier class billing and service access management platform with a vast range of applications.


Modular architecture and unique flexibility means our platform is incrementally scalable all the way from local to national and international capacities.




Resseller Plan


Our reseller program is simple and you can start earning money right away.


Sign up and create a reseller account

Login into your myaccount. You will have the option to create and manage your customers accounts.

Decide if your customers should be reseller as well (if they are you will also earn money on the traffic generated by their customers)

Create ratelists for your customers applying the rates you wants. This way you can decide the margin you want to make. You can create exceptions and special offers for some destinations.

Collect money from your customers and choose the calling amounts you grant them.

Fund your reselling account

Give your customers their SIP details to call.


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